Permasteelisa Group History Cover
Use of the Sydney Opera House images under licence from Sydney Opera House Trust

A unique track record of landmarks

The history of one of the world’s longest established global contractor in the façade industry is marked by a culture of continuous improvement and a unique track record of historical landmarks.

Permasteelisa starts its operations.
1980 - 90s
Two decades of international expansion across the Australian, European, Asian and US markets.
Permasteelisa Group consolidates as market leader through the acquisition of the German Gartner Group.
Permasteelisa emerges and consolidates as a transnational global enterprise, working on ever-larger projects.
Permasteelisa Group enters the Atlas Holdings family.
Permasteelisa Group celebrates the 50th anniversary. Its story keeps evolving, driven by an unwavering passion for innovation, technology, and quality. The everlasting dedication to provide cutting-edge solutions for the world’s most iconic architectural and engineering projects is today enhanced by the commitment to promoting a better and enjoyable life in the cities.