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At the heart of our companies there’s a multi-cultural and international pool of talented specialists, with excellent design competences, deep-rooted engineering expertise, strong project management skills, attention to details and outstanding craftmanship.

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Design & Engineering

From early consulting, planning assistance, technical research as well as development, our design and engineering experts work hand in hand with our clients and business partners collaborating with architects and designers worldwide to challenge the status quo and realize innovative concepts. Design and engineering connect together all phases of the product. We work closely with our clients, bringing stunningly complex projects and designs to life through 2D and 3D drawings, BIM process, structural verifications, visual mockups and systems testing. Experts from a wide range of fields, from statics to building physics, from materials science to research and development, enrich the design teams with their know-how.

The end result: technically sophisticated façade solutions optimized down to the smallest detail translated into construction drawings, 3D models and workshop plans.

Project Management

To turn the ideas of the world’s greatest architects into reality, the Permasteelisa Group relies upon an outstanding work team from the very early stages of its projects, able to manage the complexity and to efficiently handle all the aspects of the project. From design and engineering, into fabrication and then continuing right up to the installation, our agile business model is seamlessly coordinated and monitored by the project managers who are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the project team as well as representing the interface with the customers. Effective project management is the singular key to a successful project, and we make sure our project teams are properly trained and equipped with a standardized suite of processes, procedures and technical solutions to deliver on our commitments.

Manufacturing & Installation

Equipped with the most advanced machining & assembly technologies, our wholly-owned production facilities are able to serve on a local and global level. This is where attention to detail, precision and outstanding craftsmanship come together. Complex geometries and the most individual façade units can be manufactured with the highest quality through the interaction of modern production lines and the skills of our employees. During assembly, our entire competence is revealed step by step: sophisticated mounting plans, custom-made façade units, reliable logistics. In the end, the façade gives a building its unique face and thus shapes its surroundings, and often the best city skylines in the world.

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