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Quality is our first client

Full Compliance. Quality Statement

We aim to ensure full compliance with agreed project and statutory requirements, leading to the satisfaction of our clients, throughout all life cycle stages of the projects with which we are involved. We do not accept that non-compliances are unavoidable in our business. 


We are committed to delivering projects in accordance with requirements and product criteria defined in existing contractual agreements and statutory obligations for the sustained success of our business. We achieve this through our quality management systems based on  ISO 9001.


Quality awareness shall be integral to tendering, design and engineering, project management, manufacturing and site/field installation.


We adhere to the following principles:


Committed and active leadership

Provide visible leadership, lead by example, be pro-active and consider the quality implications of all our decisions.


As a minimum, comply with all relevant legislative/statutory and industry standards wherever the Group has a presence.



Ensure continual improvement.


Establish and maintain transparent and effective quality management systems aligned with key operational processes throughout the Group.


Accountability, responsibility and competence

Clearly define and communicate everyone’s responsibilities and required competencies with regard to quality.


Monitoring and evaluate

Monitor our quality performance and review our systems regularly.


Quality control

Ensure that the quality of our products and services are controlled, including those of our sub-contractors and suppliers.


Education and training

Consult our employees and ensure that advise and suitable training resource is available to enable them to perform competently, be engaged, promote and achieve Quality.


November, 2013