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In accordance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 and its implementing laws, we have adopted a whistleblowing management system that allows us to manage whistleblowing reports received, including those made anonymously, relating to any company of the Permasteelisa Group.
We ensure the receipt, analysis and management of all whistleblowing reports, including those made anonymously, sent or forwarded by any employee of the Permasteelisa Group and by anyone, whether an individual or a legal entity, who collaborates with our Group to achieve the Permasteelisa Group's objectives, each within the scope of their functions and responsibilities or by any other third party.
The Permasteelisa Group considers a whistleblowing report to encompass any communication relating to conduct relating to the People of the Permasteelisa Group and all its brands and subsidiaries, which may be interpreted as violations, unlawful conduct, including attempted violations, conduct, acts or omissions detrimental to the public interest or the integrity of the Company, the Group or the single companies that compose it, of which it has become aware in the course of its work activities.
The Company guarantees the utmost confidentiality on the persons and facts reported and on the identity of whistleblowers, to ensure that they are not subject to any form of reprisals.

All whistleblowing reports can be sent using a dedicated platform capable of guaranteeing the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity through IT measures.
Click here to send a report: https://www.safecall.co.uk/en/clients/permasteelisa/


The information and personal data provided in the context of whistleblowing reports are processed for the purpose of managing and following up on the reports, as well as investigating the reported conduct and taking the necessary measures in compliance with applicable legislation, including the data protection law.
The possibility of submitting a whistleblowing report to any dedicated national authority, if provided for and in accordance with applicable local law, is always guaranteed.