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Milan | Italy
Business Area
ARCHITECTPelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
The Concept

GIOIA 22 is a landmark office tower developed by COIMA and designed by international architectural firm Pelli Clark Pelli Architects. The building, which features a retail podium and a new urban public piazza, looks over the Biblioteca degli Alberi Park, a large public park located in the heart of Porta Nuova Garibaldi, another project designed by PCPA for which Permasteelisa Group developed the façade of the towers. GIOIA 22 tower has full floor-to-ceiling glazing, and a gross buildable area of commercial spaces of around 42,000 sqm (452,100 sq ft) divided on 26 floors above ground reaching 120 m (394 ft), redefining the Porta Nuova and Milan’s skyline. The distinctive architecture incorporates unprecedented standards of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. The dynamic form of the tower «is the result of the convergence of two urban grids, and at the same time the response to the need to optimize light and solar energy» Gregg Jones, PCPA Design Principal-in-Charge for GIOIA 22.

The high-performance glass envelope adopted a continuous curtain wall system made up of around 3,000 unitized units with a combination of vertical and tilted low-emission and high-selective glass panels incorporating external solar shading devices (typical module 1,500 x 4,100 mm). Furthermore, the high-performance façade features many technological and sustainable elements such as high-performance triple-glazed glass units, insulated and thermally broken aluminum profiles and around 2,500 units with integrated photovoltaic modules. The extent of the photovoltaic panel surface area - over 5,000 sqm (53,800 sq ft) - is almost equal to the surface area of the entire lot. The façade system, with a 1.5 m (5 ft) modular unit provides flexibility insofar as the composition of the interior space. The Podium façade system consists of a stick curtain wall with aluminum frames; the lobby design façade consists of a façade with point fixing supports. 

GIOIA 22 is LEED Platinum®

The Spirit

The original shape of the GIOIA 22 tower is the result of the confluence of two urban fabrics, and at the same time the response to the need to optimize light and solar energy. The combination of these two factors has resulted in the singularity of a dynamic form capable of authentically expressing its particular placement
within the Milan skyline.


Gregg Jones, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of around 22,400 sqm (241,100 sq ft) of architectural envelope and complementary elements, including unitized curtain wall with glass and photovoltaic spandrels, horizontal sunshading fins, bespoke steel and aluminum entrance, crown with cold unitized system.

Technical Details
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
GIOIA 22 facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
GIOIA 22 facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
Ph.: © Donato Di Bello
Facts & Figures

3,051 façade glass units 
15 different types of façade
429 3D configurations
2,500 units with integrated photovoltaic spandrels
857 units for the inclined façades facing Est, West and South
178 units for the glass sail  
Around 5 km (3.1 mi) of sunshades 


ARCHITECT: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

CONTRACTOR: Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A.

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