Permasteelisa Group Solutions Alternative Materials
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Alternative Materials

Continuously improving upon material options for today’s building envelopes

Permasteelisa Group knowledge of a wide range of alternative materials enables the creation of unique façade architectural elements in an almost unlimited variety of shapes. With our dedicated design&engineering teams and collective experience in materials and assemblies, we can develop bespoke solutions for nearly any design and material configuration.

Architectural freedom

Depending on shape, size and complexity of the element design, Permasteelisa Group will select the appropriate production method, cost effective and best suited for the required quality. Early design input will result in higher architectural freedom and overall optimization.

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GFRP Components for Façades

The use of composites in the building industry, in particular for façades, is growing rapidly as it gives the architect a new level of architectural freedom which cannot easily be achieved by the use of traditional materials like steel, aluminum and glass. Composite façades bring into the industry alternative materials which are very durable, environmentally friendly and contribute to benefits in terms of environmental assessment and sustainability ratings. 

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