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Health & Safety
Safety Policy Statement

World Class Safety


Permasteelisa Group is whole-heartily committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions at our offices, factories and construction sites around the world. Our Health & Safety Policy also extends our commitment, to the occupants and the public, that interact in and around our building sites. Operational expediency, urgency nor pressure shall deviate us from our commitment.


Our Health & Safety Policy is a Course of Action to be Pursued Group-wide, with ISO 45001 considered as a Group minimum standard, promoted and driven by leadership and supported by the organisation. We will strive to achieve a culture of individual ownership and Group Business Process compliance, with the aim of establishing an integrated organisation that aspires to generate world class safety for our employees, contractors and clients; whilst delivering value to our shareholders.


Our Commitment is:


1. Supported by Action
a) Resource allocation and investment to ensure safe work operations, including; social, environmental, mental, and physical wellbeing;
b) Annual planning and execution of ISO objectives and targets in the pursuance of continual improvement;
c) Implementation of rigorous safety standards to fulfil and often exceed local health & safety regulation and project requirements;
d) Providing high levels of workforce competency and technical capability through continual training and awareness programs;
e) The assessment of risks at company and project levels to control and eliminate hazards and reduce risks;
f) Measurement of safety performance and continual improvement path;
g) Consultation with and engagement of our employees and their representatives (i.e. works councils, unions, committees), and contractors in our health & safety management system.

2. Driven by Business Leaders
a) Believing incidents and injuries are unnecessary and can be prevented;
b) Taking full accountability at their level to implement and execute our Group Business Processes;
c) Holding the organisation accountable for making and keeping improvement objectives;
d) Continuously eliminating barriers to success and reducing risk;
e) Managing for results, where opportunities for improvement are actively pursued;
f) Recognising and rewarding safety excellence.

3. Supported by the Organisation
a) Equipped with the knowledge, abilities, and resources to succeed;
b) Tendering; that produces contract, schedule, scope, and specification clarity to the project team;
c) Design; that is timely, and delivers on performance whilst simplifying complexity and reducing risk for procurement, production and installation;
d) Procurement; with on time delivery of materials that have been inspected and tested with precision to design specifications and packaging that is designed for safe handling;
e) Production; that ensures the highest standard of factory production control, with units packaged for safe handling and decanting, and a production plan that facilitates the installation program;
f) Construction; with methods that eliminate unnecessary risk, facilitates the client schedule, delivering a quality finished product;
g) Project Management; that orchestrates with proficiency and strictness the project execution path to success.

4. With Individual Ownership
a) We strive for high standards of workmanship, and the reduction of waste and risk in all aspects of project execution;
b) We only accept safe work conditions and behaviours in our workplaces;
c) Stop work authority is given to all Permasteelisa Group employees and subcontractors who believe workers are at risk;
d) Each Permasteelisa employee and subcontractor has the right and the responsibility to refuse to perform work that is unsafe without fear of reprisal.

5. Leading to
An integrated organisation with an interdependent culture of safety; with measurable improvement objectives that are focused on consistency, efficiency, waste and risk reduction, value generation, and World Class Safety.


Liam Cummins
Chief Executive Officer
Permasteelisa Group
20 April 2023