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Health & Safety
Safety Policy Statement

We are committed to preventing accidents and injuries. No injury is acceptable to us. Injuries are not an inevitable part of doing business. We firmly believe that incidents and injuries are unnecessary and can be avoided.

From estimating, design and engineering, project management, manufacturing, to site/field installation, safety cannot be an afterthought. We aim to set and maintain standards of health, safety and environmental performance across the Group which will ensure the health and safety of our employees at work and the health and safety of others who may be affected by our operational activities.


To enable us to do this we have set the following objectives:


Committed and active Leadership
We will provide visible leadership, leading by example and considering the health, safety and environmental implications of all our strategic decisions.

We will, as a minimum, comply with all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation and industry standards wherever the Group has a presence.


We will ensure continual improvement.

We will establish and maintain transparent and effective safety management systems and minimum operational standards for the good management of health, safety throughout the Group and engage all our employees.


Accountability, responsibility and competence 
We will define and communicate everyone`s health and safety responsibilities and required competencies clearly.


We will monitor our health, safety performance and review our system for managing performance regularly.


Risk assessing and controlling
We will ensure that risks to the health, safety of our employees and others who may be affected are properly assessed and controlled, including our contractors and suppliers.


Education and training
We will consult our employees and ensure that competent advice and suitable training and resources are made available to assist them in performing their duties to promote health and safety.

February, 2013