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Building comfortable and stimulating environments

Adaptive envelopes

The predominant identity of a building is not simply its architectural aesthetic but more so its functionality; particularly with regards to the occupants themselves. There is an indisputable scientific relationship between occupant comfort and productivity as well as health and well-being. Greater urbanization of cities will result in greater density of people living in limited space and near transport hubs and hence building façades will be required to provide an increasing level of visual, thermal and acoustic comfort for building occupants as well as the ability to interact with the external environment through the greater use of natural daylighting and ventilation.

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Moisture Free, Sustainable, Closed Cavity Façade

The Permasteelisa Group introduced the innovative and very cost-effective moisture-dust free-Sustainable Closed Cavity Façade, mfree-SCCF, into the high-end building market in 2008. Since then, many projects have been realized all over the world. 

The mfree-SCCF is designed in such a manner that no contamination by dust and condensation is permitted inside the internal cavity of this special double skin façade.

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