Permasteelisa Group Solutions Safety & Security
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Safety & Security

An effective measure for social and financial risk mitigation

One of the main goals of any sustainable building is to provide not only protection against the elements but also safety and security to its occupants. With this in mind, structural and safety research is being undertaken in the areas of blast enhancement against the threat of explosive attack, fire protection and seismic design. Despite the severe structural demands that such loadings have on façades, the outcomes of this research have led to the development of systems and technologies that allow architects the possibility to maintain design flexibility and aesthetics, maximize transparency whilst maintaining enhanced levels of protection for occupants.

Beyond sustainability

For a building to be sustainable it must not only be energy efficient and have minimal environmental impact but provide both safety and security for building occupants. In this respect, research is being carried out in the fields of blast enhancement, wind load and fire resistance, seismic performance. Research has focused on providing technology that can be extended and applied to various project standards and specifications, not simply one-off ad-hoc products. This technology includes patented system design not only tested and certified through actual field trials but also enabling benchmarking and validation of unique proprietary developed advanced software tools.

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Blast Protective Façades

Current blast design is driven by the balance between protection requirements and typical façade performances. The Permasteelisa Group approach is the 'True Balanced Design' that, rather than designing each component at the maximum capacity, as suggested by the well-known 'balanced design approach', is conducted considering the dynamic interaction between the major components of the façade. In this way, Permasteelisa’s approach states that the optimal design solution comes from the balance among the structural integrity of framing members, the control of the glazing hazards and the minimization of the load transferred to the primary structure, once all the components are modelled in combination in order to capture the effects of their mutual interaction.

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