Permasteelisa Group Solutions Sustainability and Energy
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Sustainability & Energy

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is integral part of our continuous efforts to research and develop innovative solutions

Permasteelisa has always stood apart from the crowd for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Its use of sustainable materials and processes and commitment to constantly developing solutions able to guarantee energy savings all contribute to protecting the environment - making buildings more liveable and, lastly, improving the quality of the world we live in.

Dynamic façades

The increasing architectural trend of maximizing glazed surfaces area presents a technological challenge with regards to energy consumption and building sustainability. To address this challenge, building physics research and development has focused on areas such as the development of accurate software tools capable of assessing building energy usage, the development of climatically responsive advanced façade systems, façade integration of renewable energy systems as well as studies into the improvement of internal thermal and acoustic comfort conditions.

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Moisture Free, Sustainable, Closed Cavity Façade

The Permasteelisa Group introduced the innovative and very cost-effective moisture-dust free-Sustainable Closed Cavity Façade, mfree-SCCF, into the high-end building market in 2008. Since then, many projects have been realized all over the world. 

The mfree-SCCF is designed in such a manner that no contamination by dust and condensation is permitted inside the internal cavity of this special double skin façade.

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Through the integration of the solar shading in the closed cavity façade and PermasteelisaBlindTech, Permasteelisa is able to control each individual façade element and design the façade as a dynamic filter for thermal, solar and light transmittance. 

Using continuous and live inputs, PermasteelisaBlindTech system dynamically optimises the façade performance. This ensures thermal, visual and acoustic comfort to the end user, regardless of external environmental conditions.

Contact: info.i-s@permasteelisagroup.com