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22 Bishopsgate

London | United Kingdom
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architectPLP Architecture
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
The Concept

At a height of 278 m (912 ft), 22 Bishopsgate is the tallest skyscraper in the City of London and the tallest skyscraper worldwide that features a particularly sustainable Closed Cavity Façade (CCF). Gartner cladded the office tower with 67,000 sqm (721,200 sq ft) of closed double-skin façade with story-high units that are limited to a minimum depth not exceeding 250 mm (9 27/32”). The closed cavity of the highly transparent glass units accommodates motorized dual-color Venetian blinds providing sun and glare protection. The 23-sided, faceted glass body is shaped to respect the town-scape views and makes a strong and calm backdrop to the surrounding towers and to the neighboring historic buildings of the Bank of England. The story-high (4,040 mm / 159 1/16”, 3,550 mm / 139 49/64” or 3,890 mm / 153 5/32”) façade units with their individual widths feature structural glazing sealing and Low-E coating on the inside and LSG panes with selective coating on the outside which are glued directly to the thermally broken framework without carrier frame.


278 m / 912 ft

62 stories tall

The entrance hall is a multi-level foyer conceived as an art gallery with curated temporary art exhibits. Permanent installations adorn the building, such as Alexander Beleschenko’s glass canopies. In addition to the canopies along Bishopsgate and above the main entrance, with a total of 115 LSG panes, the British artist Alexander Beleschenko has adorned a further approx. 50 insulating glass panes of the lobby façade as well as several wind mitigation screens. All glass panes have received ceramic digital print according to his file templates.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture and installation of 67,000 sqm (721,200 sq ft) of closed double skin façades with storey-high units. CCF for the main cladding and steel stick system façade for the entrance area (levels 00 - 02). Inside the closed cavity, between the highly transparent glass units, motorized dual color Venetian blinds provide sun and glare protection.

Technical Details
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
22 Bishopsgate facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
22 Bishopsgate facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
22 Bishopsgate facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
22 Bishopsgate facade and curtain wall
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy

DEVELOPER: Lipton Rogers Developments

ARCHITECT: PLP Architecture

CLIENT: 22 Bishopsgate (DEVCO) Ltd

CONTRACTOR: Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd.

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

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