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Bern | Switzerland
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ArchitectMOKA Architekten
Ph.: © René Dürr
The Concept

The Byte building on the WankdorfCity site in Bern is an office building characterized by a delicate façade design that refers to existing Swiss Federal Railways SBB buildings. It provides a pioneering new working environment to the IT department of SBB. On the west and east sides, loggias are integrated into the Closed Cavity Façades. The sun protection system has also been further developed in terms of comfort and convenience. Specially perforated louvers offer users good transparency along with a low g-value.

Finely structured, floor-to-ceiling façade units characterize the 5,500 sqm (59,200 sq ft) of CCF main façade from the 1st to 7th floors, which accommodate offices and conference rooms that can be used flexibly. On the ground floor, which was clad with an 840 sqm (9,000 sq ft) stick-system construction, various public uses are proposed, such as a cafeteria and a canteen.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacture, and installation of Closed Cavity Façade (CCF) from level 1 to 7, stick-system façade at the ground floor, different door types, revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, and swing doors, loggia as terrace cladding, glass balustrade for an overall area of around 7,300 sq ft (78,600 sq ft).

Gartner produced the CCF façades and stick-system façades for a total area of 7,300 sqm (78,600 sq ft), featuring a special colour concept specified by the architect. The colour gradations were intended to give the façades a lively appearance and to blend in with the surroundings. The profiles were therefore executed in two, and the external venetian blinds in six different MCS special colours, three of which were minimally graded shades of grey and brown.

The CCF façade consists of story-high façade units with a standard size of 2.08 x 3.7 m (6 x 12 ft). Loggias, each 25.3 sqm (2,700 sq ft) in size for a total area of 960 sqm (10,300 sq ft), are integrated into the main façade on the west and east sides, which were designed as stick-system façades including various revolving doors, also supplied by Gartner. These loggias are embedded in the building and mostly extend over two storeys. The sun shading louvres integrated into the closed façade cavity were finished in six different special colours, and are controlled centrally by the building technology according to the amount of sunlight. The ground floor was clad with an 840 sqm (9,000 sq ft) stick-system façade with cover strips and integrated sun protection. Glazing was done on site, using triple insulating glass with a solar control coating.

Technical Details
Ph.: © René Dürr
Ph.: © René Dürr
Byte podium facade
Ph.: © René Dürr
Byte inner view
Ph.: © René Dürr

OWNER: SBB Division Immobilien



FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

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