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Düsseldorf | Germany
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ARCHITECTEller + Eller Architekten
Ph.: moka-studio GbR
The Concept

"MIZAL - Visions on Campus" is located at the corner between Völklingerstraße and Plockstraße near Düsseldorf's Media Harbour. The trend-setting office campus features round corners and a jagged façade contour with straight, continuous sheet lacquered metal box bands between the stories. The architectural design is characterized by a large amount of green and glass, while light-flooded rooms with large windows create a pleasant working atmosphere and courtyards and balconies offer additional opportunities for staying outdoors. The MIRADOR, one of the two main buildings, consists of an 11-story high-rise with a total height of approx. 44 m (144 ft), connected to a U-shaped 4-story Annex, and a 1-storey Pavilion. The second main building, INFINDO, is a 5-story low-rise building with a total height of approx. 22 m (72 ft). A total of 17 loggias and roof gardens are located on top of the two low-rise buildings, MIRADOR-Annex and INFINDO.

The project is clad with a 17,630 sqm (189,800 sq ft), unique, custom made and extremely sustainable closed cavity façade (CCF), that will be the largest ever built in Germany. From the outside, all components are provided with a high quality Duraflon coating and approx. 1,160 of the total of about 3,100 CCF units are fitted with a ventilation flap to allow for natural ventilation when desired. The lobby features two-story high CCF façades. Venetian blinds with 60 mm (2 23/64”) perforated slats are integrated into the standard units of the CCF (1.25 x 3.30 m / 4 x 11 ft) inside the cavity, thus protected from damage and dirt.

MIZAL campus aims to achieve a DGNB-Gold Certification for sustainable building, and our contribution to achieving this goal is important because of the consistent sustainability concept that we have adopted.

The Project
Scope of Work

Design & engineering, manufacturing and installation of 17,630 sqm (189,800 sq ft) of facade, including 16,630 sqm closed cavity façade (CCF), 820 sqm aluminum stick system and 170 sqm steel stick system.

Exterior façade with Duraflon coating, Closed Cavity Façade (CCF) stepped with operable vents in the mullion. Venetian blinds with 60 mm (2 23/64”) perforated slats for sun protection. Loggia façade with sliding doors and steel handrails, two-story high lobby and entrance façade, roof structures, smoke vents, entrance doors, revolving doors.

Technical Details
Ph.: Manos Meisen
Ph.: Tom Reindel
MIZAL closed cavity facade
Ph.: Tom Reindel

OWNER & CLIENT: CODIC Development GmbH, Düsseldorf

ARCHITECT: Eller + Eller Architekten GmbH, Düsseldorf

PROJECT CONTROLLING: G+N Consult Baumanagement GmbH, Düsseldorf

STRUCTURAL WORK: Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH, Düsseldorf

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