JNBY Headquarters Project Canvas
Ph.: © Jin Shengjie

JNBY Headquarters

Hangzhou | P.R. of China
Business Area
ArchitectRenzo Piano Building Workshop, architects
in collaboration withGreentown Orient Architects (Hangzhou)
Ph.: © Jin Shengjie
The Concept

This large scale development aims to transform a brownfield site located not far from the Yan Shan river in Hangzhou into the headquarters of apparel brand JNBY. It comprises a series of low-rise buildings sitting on a so-called 'superblock', a gated community measuring around 45,500 sqm (489,800 sq ft).

Most facilities, hosting offices, event space, art centers, designer shops and retail area, are placed around the perimeter of the campus thus creating an extensive backyard, 'the Urban Park'.

The buildings facing the Park feature extensive green planted façades which act as solar shading devices, while the other elevations are equipped with aluminum panels, fritted glass, and architectural concrete. IGU (Insulating Glass Units) façades with low-e coating and motorized sunshades systems permit to control daylighting and improve thermal efficiency, thus ensuring maximum comfort to the internal spaces.

The Project
Scope of Work

19 low-rise office buildings, for a total façade area of around 87,300 sqm (939,700 sq ft) of IGU façades with low-e coating and motorized sunshades.

Technical Details

OWNER: Hui Zhan Technology (Hangzhou) Co, Ltd

ARCHITECT: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects in collaboration with Greentown Orient Architects (Hangzhou)

CONTRACTOR: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Corp., Ltd. (CSCEC 3rd Bureau)

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