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London | United Kingdom
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ArchitectPLP Architecture
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The Concept

22 Bishopsgate, with a height of 278 m (912 ft), will be the highest skyscraper in the City of London and, furthermore, the highest skyscraper worldwide with a particularly sustainable closed cavity façade. The new landmark tower 22 Bishopsgate is being built on a construction site of approx. 3,800 sqm (40,900 sq ft) near the junction of Bishopsgate and Threadneedle Street in the middle of London.


278 m / 912 ft

62 stories tall

The space and floor plates of the 62-storey building cover a total of around 202,000 sqm (around 2.2 million sq ft). In total, the tower provides around 118,000 sqm (1.3 million sq ft) of office space for more than 12,000 people as well as another 10,000 sqm (107,600 sq ft) for restaurants, bars, retails and a viewing gallery which will be free to the public.

The Project
Scope of Work

67,000 sqm (721,200 sq ft) of closed double skin façades with storey-high units. CCF for the main cladding and steel stick system façade for the entrance area (levels 00 - 02). Inside the closed cavity, between the highly transparent glass units, motorized dual color Venetian blinds provide sun and glare protection.

The office spaces are clad with storey-high units: 4,040 mm, 3,550 mm or 3,890 mm high, resp., and they vary in width. Internal sealed structural glazing units with low-e-coating and single glazed laminated outer panes with selective coating which are structurally bonded without carrier frame directly to the thermally broken framing. The inner glass unit will be floor to ceiling with an insulated panel, the outer glass pane will be floor to floor in height.

Technical Details
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy
22 Bishopsgate curtain wall installation
Ph.: © Simon Kennedy

DEVELOPER: Lipton Rogers Developments

CLIENT: 22 Bishopsgate (DEVCO) Ltd.

ARCHITECT: PLP Architecture

CONTRACTOR: Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd.

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

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