Permasteelisa Group Values

The shared set of 5 values that unites us!

Work with Respect

As a global company, we strive for open and honest communication with everyone, internally and externally.

We value diversity and respect people from different backgrounds and treat everyone equally with meritocracy.

We always act with unquestioned integrity.

Deliver on Commitment

We "act like owners" to create value for everyone that touches our business.

We set ambitious targets which we are committed to achieving.

We are accountable for decisions, actions and results.

Embrace Quality

We are committed to having our customer enjoy a positive experience in every aspect when interacting with us.

We are committed to the highest quality products and solutions.

We take a Kaizen approach to continuously improving our knowledge, products and processes.

Inspire Passion

We dare to dream big and seek to transform ourselves, our industry and customers experience.

We push ourselves to stretch beyond our commitments to exceed expectations.

We pursue excellence in everything we do and reward a “Can-do” attitude.

Pursue Growth

We are striving for growth and innovation.

We consistently invest in the growth of our leaders and their teams.

We are willing to embrace change and risk with speed in a thoughtful, informed and appropriate way.