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Press Releases

“SHAPE! Bringing Architecture to Life”, the exhibition that tells the story of the curtain wall

The exhibition by Permasteelisa in collaboration with INARCH tells the 40-year story of the building envelope through a number of projects that have made the history of the curtain wall and the company.

“SHAPE! Bringing Architecture to Life”, the exhibition that tells the story of the curtain wall

“Shape! Bringing Architecture to Life” will be held at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, the Venetian seat of Permasteelisa, from 7 June to 23 November


Venice, 30 May - on 7 June the exhibition “SHAPE! Bringing Architecture to Life” opens to the public, a journey through the 40-year story of the building envelope presented in a show that will be open until 23 November at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, the Venetian seat of the Permasteelisa Group.


The exhibition was organised by Permasteelisa in collaboration with IN/ARCH, the Italian National Institute of Architecture, which curated the scientific part and emphasised the cultural importance of the exhibition, which will focus on the important role played by the building envelope in the evolution of modern architecture and in particular of tall buildings. The Curtain Wall is one of the “Fundamentals” chosen by Rem Koolhaas for his Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, which will also feature an example of curtain wall designed and built by the Permasteelisa Group.
The projects on display come with photo posters, information panels, technical drawings and three-dimensional models which describe the technology implemented for the façades. Both technical details and an overview of the building are included, in a gradual zoom-out that shows visitors which construction technique was used to build the façade, and how this contributes to the overall look of the building. The projects are displayed according to a timeline which follows the evolution of these architectural works over time.
SHAPE! represents the ability to depict, imagine and support complex shapes and structures, combining aesthetics and functionality, fantasy and context, the language of shapes and body physics, architectural vision and engineering. Façades are celebrated for the key role they play not only in the morphology, but also in the essence of modern buildings.


“This exhibition is a chance for us to show how, by engineering shapes, the ideas and visions of the best architects in the world can be turned into reality,” Davide Croff, Chairman of Permasteelisa Group has stated. “The Curtain wall is the element which has mostly influenced and still greatly influences modern architecture as the ‘skin’ of the building is the only thing you can see from the outside. This element has evolved from being a construction imperative to becoming the creator of shapes and solutions which can characterize and distinguish the masterpieces of modern architecture, while supporting the artistic work of architects. This is what Bringing Architecture to Life is all about: making the sign and thought of great architects available to everybody through the skin of buildings, influencing the look of buildings and cities.”


“This exhibition effectively proves – as stated by Adolfo Guzzini, National Chairman of IN/ARCH how promoting a renewed relationship between economy and culture, innovation and aesthetic quality, business and design can result in quality architectures. We believe that the Permasteelisa Group fully embodies this combination and this philosophy. Over the forty years of activity, it has developed an entrepreneurial project based on research, innovation, quality, and design. That is how it has contributed to the production of extraordinary architectural works all over the world. Carrying out research in the building envelope means focusing on an architectural component which instils messages and values, interacts with contexts through languages and codes, heralds memories and favours reasoning about the future.”

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