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Press Releases

Permasteelisa, partner of the Commission of Italy for Expo Shanghai 2010

Permasteelisa, partner of the Commission of Italy for Expo Shanghai 2010

Rome, 2nd October 2008 - The Commission of Italy for World Expo Shanghai 2010 has announced a strategic partnership with the Permasteelisa Group, world leader in the design, production and installation of architectural envelopes.

Permasteelisa will be the Italian Pavilion's official supplier at World Expo Shanghai 2010.


Permasteelisa will be producing the project designed by Arch. Giampaolo Imbrighi, who has presented a suggestive architectural effect thanks to alternating sections of diaphanous and transparent surfaces. It will produce the large gem in the hall, the glass roof and oblique architectural structures, by using bold solutions such as high security heat resistant glass thereby guaranteeing a high quality life style inside the structure. Permasteelisa's participation, even in the thermo analysis phase and design of the pavilion's glass components, will allow us to show the most sophisticated of Italian know how using innovative materials and eco-compatible avant-garde solutions.


"Permasteelisa is the feather in our cap. It has the best reputation for competence in the world and we are happy to work alongside them in promoting Italy's best products at Expo 2010. The decision of making Permasteelisa our partner shows the importance Shanghai 2010 has for Italian companies that are interested in Internationalisation, and national entrepreneurship. This will allow us to affirm Italy's economic, industrial and managerial ability to the world. Our Pavilion will be the emblem of the best materials, technology and ability for innovation" said Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General for the Government for Expo Shanghai.


Davide Croff, Chairman of Permasteelisa has pointed out: "The signing of this partnership is particularly important because of the symbolic value of the project. The Italy Pavilion at World Expo Shanghai opens an important door onto the best industrial products in the world. Permasteelisa is proud to be an integral part of this project, which is also a small challenge we are convinced to win: the beauty of the pavilion will highlight, once again, our company's ability in making an ambitious design become reality guaranteeing, at the same time, a better quality of life inside the structure".



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