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Permasteelisa Group contributor to Digital Takes Command

Permasteelisa Group contributor to Digital Takes Command

July 2015 - Permasteelisa Group is proud to be among the contributors to the exhibition Digital Takes Command, at Area ex-Faini, Lecco - Italy, from 30th July to 31th October 2015.


This initiative is part of the Triennale Xtra, an event promoted by the Triennale di Milano during the Expo 2015, consisting of 11 exhibitions organized throughout the Lombardia region, dedicated to Architecture, Art and Design.


Permasteelisa Group has an innovative DNA, which led the Group to develop a 3D modelling system capable to cope with the most visionary architectures back in the 90’s.
Nowadays, the constant improvement of our technical skills, supported by the evolution of the available solutions, brought the Group to the state-of-the-art system which optimizes mass-customization and support the parametric deployments.


The Digital Takes Command initiative illustrates the horizons of advanced digital design and production of manufacturing processes and systems; manufacturing and construction materials and components, via an exhibition of digital design and production of text and images, drawings, photographs, models, audio­visual materials.


  • Date: July 30 - October 31, 2015
  • Location: Area ex-Faini - via San Nicolò 9 - Lecco, Italy
  • Opening hours: Tue - Sun | 11.00 / 19.00



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