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Architectural tendencies lead to maximizing the transparency and natural daylight through the building and this is achieved by using full height glazed façades, creating in such a way a design paradox. “Hardening” buildings by minimizing glass surfaces areas and reinforcing the structure not only place restrictions on architectural freedom but also on occupants interaction with the built environment. Physical protection should also be considered a sustainable constraint in every building design.


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A moisture free Sustainable Closed Cavity Façade


The Permasteelisa Group introduced the innovative and very cost-effective moisture-dust free-Sustainable Closed Cavity Façade, mfree-SCCF, into the high-end building market in 2008. Since then, many projects have been realised all over the world. The mfree-SCCF is designed in such a manner that no contamination by dust and condensation is permitted inside the internal cavity of this special double skin façade.


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A Permasteelisa Group innovation in façade performances


D3 Façade can be seen as a revolution towards a holistic façade solution, compliant with all major challenges and ready for upcoming performance requirements for environmentally friendly buildings. 


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Façade energy and comfort control


Using continuous and live inputs, PermasteelisaBlindTech system dynamically optimizes the façade performance. This ensures thermal, visual and acoustic comfort to the end user, regardless of external environmental conditions.


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GFRP Components for Façades


The use of composites materials in the building industry, in particular for façades, is growing rapidly as it gives the architect a new level of architectural freedom which cannot easily be achieved with traditional materials like steel, aluminum and glass. Composite façades bring alternative solutions into the industry; durable, environmentally friendly and able to provide benefits in terms of environmental assessment and sustainability ratings.


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