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Permasteelisa was first established in 1973 in Italy (originally with the name of ISA), genius of its visionary founder who had the future in his eyes.
The Company's growth and the international expansion of its activities in Italy and abroad starting in the mid-eighties have today led the Permasteelisa Group to be a worldwide leading Contractor in engineering, project management, manufacturing and installation of architectural envelopes and interior systems.

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GARTNER started in 1868 as a small locksmith's workshop in Gundelfingen on the Danube. Today we employ more than 1,300 people worldwide, of which approximately 850 are in Germany. In its headquarters in Germany and in the subsidiaries, GARTNER develops, plans and manufactures mainly custom-made aluminium and steel façades. In January 2001 Gartner became a 100% subsidiary of Permasteelisa S.p.A., in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy. At the end of 2001 Josef Gartner GmbH & Co KG changed to Josef Gartner GmbH.

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Scheldebouw has been active since the 1950's in the markets of North and East Europe with bespoke and standard curtain walls and façade cladding for high level architectural projects in the construction industry. The product range and solutions comprises various systems, components and materials, such as active and interactive facades with ventilation, closed cavity double skin façades, sun shading systems, all types of glazing, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, natural stones, prefab concrete, ceramic materials, synthetic materials, etc. and has recently produced and installed GRP composite facades. The company is located in The Netherlands in Middelburg and Heerlen and today has approx. 500 employees for projects in the Benelux, UK, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Other markets in the world can and are being served by Scheldebouw in cooperation with other subsidiaries of the Permasteelisa Group, which will guarantee the same quality and cutting-edge technologies. As any other affiliate and company of the Group, Scheldebouw can offer solutions for the interiors fit-out in association with the Interiors and Contract Business Units.

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