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Key Success Factors

  • Innovation.
    Our leadership in the field is the result of constant research for innovation and improvement, making us the ideal partner for the most challenging and prestigious international architects.

    The Group has entered into the next-generation photovoltaic panels sector through the participation in a cutting edge Research, Development and Industrialization project for the production of non-silicium based solar panels. The objective is to develop the so-called "organic" photovoltaic cells and to start-up an industrial production line of DSC panels (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells). This innovative technology utilises light-sensitive organic pigments and nanotechnology to generate electricity.

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  • R&D.
    The Group has focused on environmentally sensitive themes and in its latest architectural projects has implemented new energy saving strategies. Intelligent façades, custom made for the largest world projects: façades filtering light,abating acoustic pollution and saving heat from the sun for winter heating or summer ventilation. Buildings capable of generating power through photovoltaic cells and resisting the strongest seismic events or explosions.

    Main focus on:

    • Eco-Sustainable Architecture: energy saving and renewable energy sources
    • Comfort and Acoustic performances
    • Safety and Security
    • Alternative Systems and Materials
    • Advanced IT solutions applied to engineering

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  • Around 25% out of 6,000 employees are experts in the design & engineering field.
  • Design & Engineering.
    We are recognised for our unique capability to translate the most innovative architectural concepts in practical solutions, feasible in both technical and economical terms. We are the one company increasingly asked to assist the best architects in the design of buildings from their very early stages.
  • Mock-up/Test Rig around the world. Performance of curtain wall during official tests in compliance with the client’s specifications are carried out around the world together with internal tests to support innovative design solutions, tests related to R&D projects and installation of visual mock-ups.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • Social Accountability: The Group aims to abide by the SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) and, as a consequence, guarantees workers' basic rights in full respect of the current laws in the countries where the Group operates, as well as to respect agreements with third parties and based on International Labour Organization requirements.
      Such requirements are extended to corporate activities, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.
    • Code of Conduct approved by the Board of Directors in 2015.
      Permasteelisa Group considers of utmost importance compliance with the laws and the regulations in force in any country where it may operate: honestyreliability,impartialityloyaltyintegrity and good faith are the key factors of its success. The Group acknowledges the importance of its socioethical responsibility in business and it is committed to safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders and others with whom it interacts.

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    • In 2008 Permasteelisa joined the UN Global Compact by adhering to its ten principles. The Communication on Progress (COP), a public disclosure to stakeholders on progress made in implementing the ten principles and in supporting broad UN development goals, is issued yearly.

      For more info see UN Global Compact
  • Quality.
    Our well known ability to personally interact with architects has made it possible for the Group to develop a product which fully satisfies customers' expectations in terms of applicable quality standards at lower cost and fastest installation. ISO 9001 certification was achieved for Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of prefabricated architectural envelopes (curtain walls, roofs, steel structures).
  • Health, Safety and Environment.
    The Group main objectives are personal health and safety, safety at building sites, projects and installations. Permasteelisa S.p.A. is certified ISO 14001 (certification of the environmental management system).